Bespoke Tassle Totes


Let's personalise this tote to suit YOU. Tell me what colours you'd like in your tassles, send me your preferences and let's make your dream bag that's suited to YOUR STYLE. 

That every day Disco vibe that you've been looking for. A tote to complete every outfit, dressed up or down. You can't go wrong here, they're too fun. 

Our timeless Tassle Totes are made using smooth grain black leather, providing a structured bag that compliments the free flow of the tassled fringe. 


Height: 35cm

Width: 48cm

Depth: 20cm

IMPORTANT: once you've ordered your bespoke tote, please follow up with an email to let me know what colour combintation of tassles you'd like. Holli.davies1@outlook.com 

Please allow 1 week from the time of purchase to complete the bag.

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