• Jen Twomey, August 2018.

"I adore my HOLLiBERRiES custom made bag, it's just the right size for date nights to fit my essentials. The finish is so professional and I get compliments on it wherever I go. It's very feminine and I love knowing that no one else is going to have the same bag as me when I am out. My Daughter approves of it to! :)"


  • Lisa Gilliver January 2019

"I LOVE my HolliBerries Dutch-ess. The deliberate colour clash and different textures makes it a one of a kind piece and it's such a clashing compliment to any outfit. I'm really in to sustainable fashion and I love that a part of my bag was also someone's beloved skirt! The craftsmanship is good quality and I am so excited to see more ranges from this bold and talented designer"


  • Gabrielle Thomas, May 2019