Workshop Love

I LOVE running workshops, which weirdly I would never have imagined in my university days where I would be sh*****g myself at the thought of delivering presentations. Constantly blushing and sweating! The fear of being judged and stumbling on my words was real! 

Maybe I love workshops so much because I'm confident in what I'm teaching and helping crafters create their vision brings me so much satisfaction!? I'm confident that the people who are sat in front of me (prosecco in hand) will be amazed at the final product and get to take home a bespoke, handmade bag that nobody else has. 

Our workshops provide an opportunity for you to switch off from the outside world, be creative, play with paint, have a good old natter with the girls and to be honest, the distraction actually helps us relax and relieve stress. Of course the bubbles drinking helps us relax too, but if that's not for you then the experience of painting and exploring ideas for your bag will definitely do the trick.

On the whole, being creative has so many health benefits that I didn't even realise until I read this blog: , then it all made sense as to why I love creating (my Sunday's are usually made up of staying in my pj's all day, painting leather and sewing on the machine. That's me, happy and content and you know what they say about a Sunday well spent.....) the time just flies!

What gets me at each workshop is the huge variety of styles of clutches that everyone creates. The paint splashing is always a popular choice (and one of my faves) but I'm always learning new techniques to try and I love it when an attendee teaches me something new. Who knew that blowing paint through a straw would give us such an amazing effect!? Check this out...


This bag was made by simply blowing paint through a straw! That simple yet SO effective! I was in awe of the final product. It looks so professional, doesn't it? Well done Rosie!!! Thanks for teaching me a new technique and for being an inspirational creative at our workshop! 


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